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Digital Music Cards – 300pcs – Streamii NFC

Digital Music Cards – 300pcs – Streamii NFC


The way artists release their music has changed

NFC music cards are the way back to Ownership
100 % PROFIT for the musician, Labels, Content Creator !!


You’re Building Your Fan Base, You’re Ready To Release An Album?
Our Cards, stickers will Make Those Clients More Eager To Buy Your Music,
Products with a new Digital Method.

No CDs are needed, Spotify got you covered but what about those
who wanna earn more than what Spotify payouts?


(You need above 1000 pcs just contact us directly)

Minimum order of 100 pieces

Brand Name: OEM, customize as you want 
( your own cover design )



85° 54° 0.3mm
Delivery  (3-5 days)
Production  (10 – 15 days)